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Anthony Kingsley

Sustainability Leader

US Foods

Agrobiodiversity Accelerator

A high-performing, award-winning, and visionary Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Leader with 15+ years of success. My career is focused on developing and directing complex, innovative business initiatives across the globe, building corporate sustainability programs, product development, packaging, and sourcing solutions.

My value centers on producing the research, business case, strategic plan, and ROI to adopt CSR programs and policies that increase revenue, and advance a brand’s reputation in today‚Äôs competitive market.

I have deep experience designing and delivering training programs to improve employee engagement and participation in sustainable practices, and adopt ESG reporting. Also, am adept at identifying and building partnerships to execute on the development of sustainable products, from local sourcing of suppliers to policymakers and interested stakeholders.

I have a successful history of managing teams across the world, unifying siloed stakeholders to align and adopt environmental sustainability and CSR programs, to swiftly advance enterprise growth and market share.

My professional work experience and education has spanned the globe, from Europe to Southeast Asia, and the US and I hold two Master degrees – a Master of Science in Sustainability & Management, and a Master of Arts in Political Science.

I have a deep passion for a sustainable world, and am committed to cultivating sustainability within the food system through a deep understanding of how our food is grown or raised.

A researcher, presenter and communicator, I am actively engaged in the food service industry, sharing best practices of food provenance and leveraging diner and consumer trends.

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