Single-Use Materials Accelerator


Boma Brown-West

Senior Manager of Consumer Health

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Single-Use Materials Accelerator

Boma Brown-West joined Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in 2013. She is currently Senior Manager of Consumer Health, focused on driving safer products to the retail marketplace in order to reduce people’s exposure to toxic chemicals. In her role, Ms. Brown-West works closely with product manufacturers and retailers such as Walmart on sustainability strategies that accelerate the usage of safer chemicals in consumer products. She also leads EDF’s initiative “Behind the Label: a Blueprint for Safer Chemicals in the Marketplace” that lays out a path to corporate leadership. Prior to working at EDF, Ms. Brown-West worked for a decade at Whirlpool Corporation in product engineering and sustainability. There, she played a driving role in establishing Whirlpool’s North American sustainability strategy and working with industry colleagues to create the region’s first ever appliance sustainability standards. Ms. Brown-West has a M.S. in Technology & Policy from MIT and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University.

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