Food Judge

Maureen Muketha

Founder and Executive Director

Tule Vyema

Maureen Muketha is a Nutritionist in Kenya who is passionate about achieving Sustainable  Development Goal (SDG) 2. She is the founder of a social enterprise called Tule Vyema.  

Maureen is a real agent of change in her community and role model admired by young and old  alike. She rolls up her sleeves to do what she loves best – fighting hunger, malnutrition, and  poverty.

Her efforts to raise awareness of proper feeding habits, consumption of a balanced / diversified  diet, fight malnutrition and improve food security in her community has enabled her impact over  2,000 community members through equipping them with nutrition knowledge through nutrition  education talks and improved food security level in over 800 low income earning households

Maureen’s transformative work through Tule Vyema has been recognized by local and global  organizations such as UN Food System Summit, Food Tank, Croplife International, Oxfam,  Global Changemakers, Global Citizen, Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance and Young  African Leaders Initiative.

Maureen’s aspiration is to become a leading policy maker in matters nutrition and food security  to develop and strengthen the food system now that COVID -19 pandemic has clearly amplified  the gaps in the system.

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