Chloe Cho

Project Coordinator

The Lexicon


Chloe Cho is a Project Coordinator at The Lexicon. She is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley with a BS in Genetics & Plant Biology, a BA in Data Science, and a minor in Food Systems. During her time at Berkeley, she found a passion for agroecology and the intricacies of the ecological and social networks in agriculture and food systems. Her research focuses on ecological pest management and the wealth of knowledge in traditional and indigenous farming systems as alternatives to pesticides.

Additionally, Chloe is a contributing writer to UnScilenced, a collective of scientists who translate scientific literature into accessible articles for policymakers and the public. She believes that science communication should be inclusive, not exclusive and that people deserve to be informed. She is also a Science Fellow at Pesticide Action Network North America, where she supports the International Agroecology Workgroup and Grassroots Science Hub.

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