The Foodicons


Can we create a universal visual language to describe our food systems, one that bridges cultural barriers, increases consumer literacy, and helps shift the marketplace?


An oft-cited challenge facing global food systems is the lack of a common language. To address this dilemma, we’ve developed Foodicons, a respected, validated, and imminently useful universal language to describe our agri-food systems.

How we started

The initiative was developed by Green Brown Blue, a food systems solutions activator led by The Lexicon with support from Food at Google. To develop this open source language system, the team collaborated with Adobe and hundreds of artists from the international design community, as well as experts in the areas of equity, food waste, climate change, agroecology, fisheries, agrobiodiversity, regenerative agriculture, alternate proteins, food safety, and true cost accounting. Together, they aligned on core terms and definitions for a foundational visual language to describe our food systems. 

Given the enormity of this undertaking, the work quickly expanded to include a series of international design challenges which engaged artists from 90+ countries. Their work was first unveiled at the UN’s World Food Forum in 2021.

This new visual language is intended to provide farmers, ranchers, restauranteurs, supply chain managers, consumers and everyone throughout global food systems with an effective way to communicate that transcends language and geographic differences. Our goal is not only to provide people with greater food literacy, but also make our food systems more transparent.

This new visual language is intended to provide farmers, ranchers, restauranteurs, supply chain managers, consumers and everyone throughout global food systems with an effective way to communicate that transcends language and geographic differences. Our goal is not only to provide people with greater food literacy, but also make our food systems more transparent.


Are you a designer interested in contributing? Please contact us.

All designers of Foodicons own their own work but have agreed to a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide right of usage to Those who download the icons are able to edit, adapt, modify, reproduce, promote, publish, and otherwise use in any way, in any media for educational, promotional, and/or any other purposes (including commercial uses), under the Creative Commons 4.0 BY license, without having to seek permission from, and without consideration or notification to any participant or any third party. However, the designers of each icon reserve merchandising rights. This means that merchandise that use these icon as designs (as opposed to describing some other product), must be negotiated with the icons’ designers. For example, t-shirts, hats, clothing, and other merchandise that only feature an icon, itself, cannot be sold without permission from the designers.

Sponsors & Partners

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Eligibility, Submission Terms and Conditions


The A Greener Blue Global Storytelling Initiative is sponsored by The Lexicon, a US based 501(c)(3) public charity.


Storytellers will join A Greener Blue Storytelling Collective to create stories for the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture with the FAO and its partner organizations. Members of the Collective will take part in a private online “Total Storytelling Masterclass” led by The Lexicon’s Douglas Gayeton and Alberto Miti. Upon completion of this online certificate program, members of the Collective will join seafood experts from around the globe in creating A Greener Blue Storytelling initiative.

Selection Process

All eligible entries received during the Submission Period will be gathered into a database at the end of the Submission Period. All participants will be allowed to participate to the masterclass and the global storytellin initiative. Receivers of the cameras will be selected based on the strength of their answers to the application form, their ability to work with others, their curriculum/portfolio and the commitment shown during the masterclass to champion the stories of seafood producers across the global value chain. If a potential selected applicant cannot be reached by the team of the Initiative within a week (5 working days), using the contact information provided at the time of entry, or if the communication is returned as undeliverable, that potential participant shall forfeit. Upon the request of the Lexicon, the potential select participant may be required to return an Affidavit of Eligibility, Release and Prize Acceptance Form. If a potential winner fails to comply with these official rules, that potential winner will be disqualified.

Submission Requirements/Copyright

All submissions must be the entrant’s original work. Submissions must not infringe upon the trademark, copyright, moral rights, intellectual rights, or rights of privacy of any entity or person.

Participants will retain the copyrights to their work while also granting access to The Lexicon to share their contributions as part of A Greener Blue Global Storytelling Initiative.

Acceptance and GoPro Cameras

A selected group of applicants will be chosen based on their CV, portfolio and basing on the commitment shown during the masterclass to receive a GoPro Camera to film their stories. The attribution of this additional award will be determined by the Lexicon’s team. Terms and conditions may apply. Incidental expenses and all other costs and expenses which are not specifically listed as part of a prize in these Official Rules and which may be associated with the award, acceptance, receipt and use of the masterclass and the camera are solely the responsibility of the respective participants.

Receivers of the GoPro cameras agree to participate in all phases of the storytelling initiative and to follow the production and output delivery guidelines defined by The Lexicon team, under penalty of forfeiture from the initiative.

All receivers of the Camera are required to upload their footage in the shared drive and make them available for The Lexicon and the promoting partners of the initiative.

Additional Limitations

Selection and prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of the cameras is permitted. The Lexicon and its respective partners and representatives are not responsible for any typographical or other errors in the offer or administration of the Initiative, including, but not limited to, errors in any printing or posting or these Official Rules, the selection and announcement of any selected participant, or the distribution of any prize. Any attempt to damage the content or operation of this Initiative is unlawful and subject to possible legal action by The Lexicon. The Lexicon reserves the right to terminate, suspend or amend the Initiative, without notice, and for any reason, including, without limitation, if The Lexicon determines that the Contest cannot be conducted as planned or should a virus, bug, tampering or unauthorized intervention, technical failure or other cause beyond The Lexicon’s control corrupt the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper play of the Contest. In the event any tampering or unauthorized intervention may have occurred, The Lexicon reserves the right to void suspect entries at issue.

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