Design Guidelines

Many people are doing incredible work globally to improve various food systems, but too many of those are siloed within specialized frameworks. The Foodicons Collection is a crowdsourced competition to collaboratively design an extensive system of open-sourced icons of critical food terms and concepts that can be used globally by professionals and consumers alike. The collection is always growing, from contributions from individual designers, from design challenges, and from organizations that commission additions. This page describes everything you’ll need, from templates to important metaphors, and more, to successfully create a Foodicon design.

Icon Template



Basic Steps

Select Term

Designers sign-up for specific terms around food systems.


Do some research and start sketching.

Common Shapes

Review existing metaphors in the Library, and use them for inspiration or within your designs.

Select Hexagon Style

There are 8 hexagons with different meanings, choose the appropriate one for your food term.

Create Inner Element

Do not apply more than 2 or 3 elements.

Share for Review

Share your work for the first feedback round and await response from the food experts.

Are you a designer interested in contributing? Please contact us.

All designers of Foodicons own their own work but have agreed to a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide right of usage to Those who download the icons are able to edit, adapt, modify, reproduce, promote, publish, and otherwise use in any way, in any media for educational, promotional, and/or any other purposes (including commercial uses), under the Creative Commons 4.0 BY license, without having to seek permission from, and without consideration or notification to any participant or any third party. However, the designers of each icon reserve merchandising rights. This means that merchandise that use these icon as designs (as opposed to describing some other product), must be negotiated with the icons’ designers. For example, t-shirts, hats, clothing, and other merchandise that only feature an icon, itself, cannot be sold without permission from the designers.

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