ON THE CROW IS PRODUCED BY THE LEXICON, a US-based NGO that provides communications strategy, mobilization and advocacy on food and agriculture. We collaborated with government agencies, universities, foundations, television networks, publishers, non-profits, community organizers and sustainability advocates from across the world. Our award-winning multi-stakeholder approach blends data with inspirational stories of real people sharing sustainable solutions that drive change. By illuminating the meanings behind these powerful ideas, we help people pay closer attention to how they eat, what they buy, and where their responsibility begins for creating a healthier, safer food system.

Douglas Gayeton, Chief Lexicographer and Co-founder of The Lexicon, is an award-winning information architect, filmmaker, photographer, and writer who has created work at the boundaries of traditional and converging media since the early 90’s. He directed the KNOW YOUR FOOD series for PBS and GROWING ORGANIC for USDA, and has authored two books, SLOW: Life in a Tuscan Town, and LOCAL: The New Face of Food & Farming in America.

To tell this story, The Lexicon assembled a coalition of federal and state agencies, as well as community environmental groups engaged in improving water quality on the Crow River. The generosity of our partners has included providing—and often decoding—critical research data. They’ve helped us define policy frameworks that must be put in place and develop methods to craft mandatory rules and regulations to improve water quality in the state. At times, our partners even got in canoes to paddle The Crow to provide us with a closer look at the challenges faced by this watershed.

On The Crow is made possible with a grant from the McKnight Foundation in support of their work on the Mississippi River.

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