The Lexicon has had 2,500 pop-up shows in the United States for a live audience of over 3 million people.

Lexicon Pop-Up Shows

Featuring information artworks by Douglas Gayeton

THE LEXICON INVITES community leaders, students, farmers, activists, gardeners, cooks … anyone to host a pop-up show in their community, spurring dialog on how communities can work together to strengthen local food systems.

Each year 100 applicants are selected to become Lexicon Curators. They receive a collection of 24 information artworks as well as mentoring on how to host shows that involve their local communities. They can also act as a “lending library” so that other schools and community groups can share these works for their own initiatives.

By becoming a Lexicon Curator,  you can learn to harness the power to transform your community into a “idea incubator”, a localized think tank that generates dynamic coalitions able to make a difference in shaping your community’s relationship with its food, farmers, and local environment. And because these works are donated to your community, their messages will retain their significance and continue to inspire local audiences for years to come.

“What began as a Sustainable Conversation has led to a Good Food Revolution. It isn’t happening in galleries and museums; it’s happening at our local supermarkets, at our corner stores, at farmers markets and roadside food stands and grange halls and school gardens across the country, so it makes sense that the Lexicon appear in those places, curated by the very people trying to build more resilient food networks in their communities.”

Co-Founder – The Lexicon

What is a pop-up show?

A temporary and mobile art event held directly in a community. The locations can span from a school, a library, a park, a garden, or even a fish hatchery – really just about anywhere a group can be assembled and there is open space to present 24 photographs.

What is a curator?

A curator for The Lexicon’s pop up show is an individual, or group, that will secure locations, dates and times for shows. Our curators will also be in charge of setting up the show, displaying the art, and coordinating a speaker, or anything else to go along with the show. The curator will also be responsible for selecting an organization for the permanent Lexicon photos installation in their community.

What benefits will you receive from curating a Lexicon pop up show?

The opportunity to activate your community and make positive changes in your local food system.

Free Art! Twenty-four 26” x 37” photographs that you can share with your community.

Connecting curator’s businesses or organizations to other groups on our Lexicon website.

National exposure for curator’s communities and their sustainability initiatives.

Become a Pop-Up Show Curator

Share sustainable solutions with your community

OUR CULTURE IS AT THE CROSSROADS. We live in a world of limited resources. People now search for new ways to live more sustainably, but the challenges they face are many:

  • Consumers lack the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about what foods to purchase for their families
  • Teachers and Students Lack the proper Classroom Tools for Field-Based Learning
  • Small Farmers Need Information and New Solutions to meet the Market Challenges presented by Industrial Agriculture
  • Communities Need Help to Build Healthy Local Food Systems

To bring these important ideas to a national audience, The Lexicon is taking art out of museums and galleries and allowing individuals and local groups from around the country to host their own POP UP ART SHOWS. These shows are temporary and mobile art events held directly in a community, and are designed to stimulate dialog about how people can create a positive impact on their local food systems. 

Once a year, one hundred curators will be chosen to host these shows and each curator will host at least five shows in their community. When the curator is finished putting on their pop up shows, they can donate the images to a local organization in their community. 

The Lexicon provides essentially everything needed to host a pop up show, including a Curator Tool Kit, which features step-by-step instructions on how to host a show, ideas on how to present the photographs, and promotional tools to promote these pop up shows.

Prospective curators can complete the Curator Application Form below which asks WHY they want to be a curator, WHERE they would hold their five Lexicon shows, and WHO they would involve (local schools, non-profits, food producers, notable individuals) in their events. Additionally, prospective curators will be asked to select a community space or center (i.e. a school, library, or government building) where the images will become part of a permanent collection once the shows are completed.


Activist Toolkit

Contains a collection of valuable resources to help aspiring curators turn public events into opportunities that engage their audiences with transformative ideas to help change their food systems. Includes a CURATOR PRIMER, a FRAME GUIDE and a MEDIA KIT. Beware, it’s a big download (288.4 MB) so you won’t want to do it on a mobile device. 

For all additional questions, including press inquiries, write hello AT thelexicon DOT org.

Our Collection

Download ready-for-print information artworks

Meet Our Curators

“The subject matter in each is dear to me, so really, sharing the lexicon is like sharing photos of friends who happen to be agricultural heros as well.”

Nana Cardoon Learning Center

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Street Art

Paint your own information artwork

THE LEXICON IS EXCITED TO PRESENT A NEW WAY to participate in the movement. Inspired by street artists, The Lexicon has converted our popular information artwork into posters for anyone and everyone to paint and share with their community. Host a painting party with these posters in your classroom, or at your house and invite the neighbors over! Below you will find links to download printable files of each poster shown. Each poster has 3 sizes to choose from. If you prefer to write your own definition to the term, below you will see the option to download a poster with no text included. This is a great way to spur conversation within a classroom or group. For instructions click here.

“The Lexicon provides inspiring, innovative pathways to access and play with knowledge: our Brower Center community loved this art-making experience.”

Executive Director, David Brower Center Berkeley, CA