In March 2018, 25 Master students studying “Food Culture, Communication and Marketing” from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, went on their way to discover the gastronomic variety in the region of Puglia. Puglia is located in the south-eastern part of Italy, in the heel of the boot shaped country. Travelling in a triangle between the cities of Brindisi, Matera and Bari, the goal was to create a booklet and a homepage showing how identity is expressed by regional taste and culture.


The storytelling project was led by Douglas Gayeton, co-founder of the Lexicon of Sustainability. In order to expand their knowledge, the students visited local producers that taught them about biodiversity, traditions and technology.

Within a week they learned about raising pigs and how 1200-year-old olive trees can evoke nostalgia and the culture of a region. They observed the manifestation of many artisanal skills, such as cheese and wine production, as well as handcrafted orecchiette. The commercial side of food production provided an insight into industrial winemaking, with the filling of 11, 000 bottles per hour, as well as in the manufacturing process of one of the world’s leading producers of Durum wheat.

Starting their journey, the students had a vision in mind of how the artwork should look like in the end. Due to unpredictable weather conditions or absences of contact persons they learned how to be flexible, use their time efficiently and think on their feet. During their stay in Puglia, the students went through a creative transition, strengthened their passion for food and grew closer together as a group.