The Lexicon invites food companies and international NGOs to join a collective action in support of agrobiodiversity.

The Lexicon created Reawakened with guidance from dozens of companies, government agencies and international NGOs. Their skills range from providing research, crop science and plant breeding support (Crops for the Future, Bioversity International, CIAT, and Icrisat), insight on building and promoting seed banks and sound conservation practices to ensure biodiversity (Crop Trust and Food Forever), sharing cultural and culinary knowledge (Slow Food and Future Food Institute), and organizing farming communities and family farms across the globe (GFAR).
Reawakened and Food Companies. Introducing more diverse ingredients into food products and supply chains.
Reawakened is aligned with FACT, a food systems solutions accelerator that develops tools to help food service companies, restaurant chains, and CPG companies assess their own supply chains to support greater agrobiodiversity. Reawakened also works directly with food companies on strategies to bring awareness of agrobiodiversity’s co-benefits not only for consumers but within their organizations.
Reawakened and international NGOs. Bringing greater visibility to soil scientists, plant breeders, agronomists and agencies working on the ground to increase agrobiodiversity.
By partnering with the Reawakened Storytelling Initiative, NGOs can develop photography, videos, and writing to share their impactful stories with a global audience.

Reawakened and The Lexicon. We’re a US-based NGO using evidence-based storytelling, strategy, and mobilization to build movements that tackle our food system’s greatest challenges.

By illuminating the meaning behind powerful ideas like Reawakened, we spur people to pay closer attention to how they eat, what they buy, and where their responsibility begins for creating a healthier, safer food system.

It’s behavior change that works on a local level to transform communities and shift the marketplace.

From Rediscovered to Reawakened. What’s in a name? A lot. For those who have followed our work supporting indigenous peoples and the indigeneous crops that grow around the world, we would like to correct an error made on behalf of those efforts.

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